What Are The Best Synthetic Urine Brands In 2018

In my previous post in mentioned how I passed my urine drug test with Sub Solution synthetic urine. I belive Sub solution is still the best synthetic urine in 2018., but first I would like to mention a couple of fake urine brands what you should avoid at all cost.

U pass synthetic urine, Magnum, Xstream, Urine Luck, P sure are all very low quality brands and they are not recommended for urine test, for other activities, they might be good, but not for passing a urine drug test.

Some of these brands are marketed heavily, but unfortunately they don’t really care about their products quality. Some of these still doesn’t contain uric acid and urea, these are must in 2018 as every lab check for these chemicals in urine.

Keeping urine on body temperature is also essential, if its too warm or too cold the lab will reject your sample, thats why good quality heat acitvator or heat pad is necessary. I have heard stories when the heat pad was broken, or it was missing from the box.

It’s also important to mention that synthetic urine is still the best and most reliable method to pass a drug test, I have recieved a couple of comments on my last post about the Certo method. Some people claim its the best and easiest way to pass a drug test, well I have tried it with a home drug test and failed twice.

I got this comment recently:

Last night did a little CM, got called for court ordered UA screen to be taken no later than 5pm today. Started at 8am by drinking 1 pack fruit pectin liquid, tons of h2o. Ran to head shop at 1130am, picked out a “1 hour detox drink, Vale 4X” in spite  various claims of “The Stuff” being the best, dude behind the counter said they’re all exactly the same.  Hope I made right choice, followed directions of 3hrs prior to test drink 48ozs h2o. Wait 1hr then drink full btl Vale. 15 mins later fill bottle w h2o & drink. After that, no more liquids. Next 2 hrs piss 3-4 times. Max detoxification btw next 1 1/2 to 4 hrs.
Peed 5 times, then by time I made it to court, had to squeeze a inch or two in cup. Was kinda thick n bright yellow.. unlike the clear yellow pisses from 2 hrs b4.
Man, I know dilution plays big role in passing with detox drinks.. Hope I didn’t f*up the ratio n get my self caught. . If no update then it failed!

It was two weeks ago so I guess he failed his test. Do not risk your job with stupid home remdies like that, not worth it.

fake pee for drug test

My Top 2 favorite Fake Pee For Drug Test

  1. Sub Solution: It comes with heat activator powder, the urine itself  contains over 13 different chemicals, this is the most complex fake pee for drug test what you can buy, the best thing is it comes with heat activator powder, you don’t need to use microwave and dont have to wrap it with heat pads, fill up the flask with water add the urine powder, shake it a couple of times, walk into the testing room and add the powder, voila, your urine is ready. Its basically fool proof. That’s why Sub Solution is still the best synthetic urine in 2018.For a more indepth review of Sub Solution, and other synthetic urine brands, check out ouchclub.com
  2. Quick Fix Synthetic urine: would be my second choice, its not that good as Sub Solution, but you should pass a simple unsupervised urine test easily. It doesn’t come with heating powder, but its pre mixed urine. The other advantage of Quick fix thats its available in many smoke shops. The other advantage of Quick Fix that its relatively cheap, while Sub Solution costs 75$ you can get a bottle of Quick Fix for as low as 39$.
  3. Monkey Whizz&Agent X Synthetic Urine:Honestly I think you shouldn’t choose any other synthetic urine than Sub Solution or Quick fix, but for any reason non of these brands are available then you can go with Monkey Whizz or Agent X synthetic urine, I have never used them, but I have heared that they worked for some. They both contain uric acid and urea, their color looks realistic and like I said their reviews are overall positive.