I passed my last test with synthetic urine

Recently I passed a urine drug test with fake pee. So yeah synthetic urine still works in 2018, but it’s important to choose a quality brand, not some low quality synthetic urine. Those worked very well in the past, but things have changed. With some colored yellow water you won’t fool the system anymore. Labs use advanced techniques and look specifically for synthetic urine, so it’s not that easy anymore.

What is the best synthetic urine – The one that I used

Many people say the best synthetic urine is Quick fix, but I used sub Solution. I saw Michael Boron’s” fake pee for drug test video “and he recommends sub solution over quick fix. I know quick fix is a great quality fake urine, but it lacks a few essential chemicals. By the way the price difference is not that much, I was willing to pay an additional 30$ for sub solution, my job was on the line, and I get 20$ an hour, so I think it was an excellent investment.

How to use Sub Solution synthetic urine

best synthetic urineUsing synthetic urine for drug test is relatively easy, you do not need to prepare, you do not have to alter your diet or exercise like crazy, all you have to do is to heat the urine and when it reaches the right temperature, wrap it with handwarmers and you are good to go.

Sub Solution is slightly easier, because you do not need to mess with microwave. It comes with a special heating powder just at the third of the vial to the synthetic urine and in most cases it will reach the right temperature, within a few seconds.

If sub solution is not available, then choose Quick Fix 6.2 (latest formula). In most cases it will help you to pass the test without any problem. I heard good things about monkey whizz as well. I think I do not even have to mention to stay away from magnum and u pass synthetic urine. They have a bad rep for a reason.

Fake synthetic urine reviews

It’s important to always check the existing reviews whenever you buy something online. Unfortunately there are so many fake/paid reviews online and detox products are not different. You can find tons of paid synthetic urine reviews on affiliate sites, the only purpose of these urine reviews is to make commission after every sale. Read more reviews, check some youtube videos and use common sense. Would a 9$ synthetic urine help you to pass drug test?

For instance Weedinmypocket is a legit site and their reviews are real. They also review other detox products, not just synthetic urine brands.

Why does Sub Solution costs 75$ if Magnum is only 19$? You always get what you pay for; so keep this in mind when you are buying synthetic urine for drug test. I bought Sub Solution synthetic urine on their official website.

Many people say it’s better to use detox drinks instead of fake pee if the test is supervised, It might be easier, but there are still many factors you should consider when you are using detox drinks for drug test. How much did you smoke, your body type, sex, your metabolism etc..using synthetic urine is much safer.

If you decide to use detox drinks, always choose quality ones. My recommendation is Mega Clean&Toxin Rid combo for 69$.

All you have to do is to smuggle the urine to the testing room, attached to a belt which is called “incognito belt” hold the fake penis, squeeze it a little bit and the urine will start flowing. Do not worry, no is one going to check your dick while you are peeing.

I think I mentioned everything I wanted, now you know what’s the best synthetic urine on the market and how to use it. Good luck for your urine test!